Experience the 3rd Volume of #TheFreezer by @Ayescold

Okay guys, I been keeping a secret. We have a friend by the name of Ayescold, who just dropped this absolutely infectious mix via her soundcloud, and I simply can't keep this to myself anymore. If you are not familiar, Ayescold is a tremendously talented DJ from the DC area, this release just goes to prove her worth and the reason she has been chosen among those showcasing their talents at the upcoming Trillectro Music Festival. She mixes old and new, reworked and original, and even dabbles in a bit of international sound without missing a beat. Take some time to listen to this new grooves and you'll thank me later for introducing you.

Subculture Films By Fred Perry Presents "Made in England"

Fred Perry won me over with this "Subculture Films" video series, it delves into the influences that created youth culture and the early beginnings of street style. The honesty in this piece is refreshing. In this particular episode, it carefully breaks down how the West Indian immigration influenced English youth style after the wars. The story is told in a beautiful way that could only be explained by those who grew up in that era. From the Rude Boys of the Caribbean to the Mods and Rockers that eventually into evolving Skinheads, this Don Lett's documentary is a wonderful piece of historic storytelling.

The Artists of the 2015 Richmond Mural Project

The Artists of the 2015 Richmond Mural Project

A few weeks ago, we previewed the opening of the 2015 Richmond Mural Project and our correspondent Tyrel attended and witnessed the unveiling of Moya's work at the ND&P Building on East Cary Street. Well, this weekend is the second half of the kickoff reception at the Sabia Restaurant located at 2727 West Broad Street from 4-8pm. You can RSVP here, and click "read more" for a bit of information about this year's artists.

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Enter: Msanii

Msanii. Get used to saying that name, because you will be hearing it a lot soon enough. The Maryland rapper, whose name aptly means “Artist” in Swahili, has seemingly come out of nowhere and is climbing the ranks of the DMV underground like a hungry prize fighter. With a blazing performance at this year’s Epic Fest V in Richmond, Virginia, where he brought the house down, this rise is just beginning.

One jewel in his set, Loko, commanded the crowd with a passion and stage presence that not many performers possess. The Razcal Life-produced track is like stepping into an epic battle within the 13 Chambers of Wu and RZA is the final boss battle. While Msanii attacks with a lyrical prowess that would make Meth shy away. Take a listen to Loko here and check out his Soundcloud.

The Resurrection of Carlitta Durand

Carlitta Durand was ready to take the music scene by storm. With features on Little Brother’s critically acclaimed 2007 album Getback, assists handed to soul singer Zo! on his underrated Sunstorm album and contributing to Phonte’s efforts lifted her already burgeoning profile. Suffice it to say, this young woman was making a name for herself in every sector of music. However, she suddenly disappeared from her burgeoning spotlight as she took time away to have her first child and know what it meant to be a mother. Fast forward to 2015 and the Minnesota native is back with a new album, I’ll Be Gorgeous When I Die (IBGWID), and a mission to astound you once again with her talent and presence of voice.

IBGWID is an album that comes from the heart, as all great R&B albums are, recording Carlitta’s progression through life filled with love, joy, intimacy, disappointment and even divorce. With production handled by Flash Frequency, Vaughn Garcia of M1 Platoon and Abjo among others, makes you really feel these chapters of her life to this point. With her presence and resonate voice, Carlitta Durand will certainly be an artist worth watching out for. 

Get your copy of I'll Be Gorgeous When I Die on iTunes.


Completing the two-part series "Anansi Dreams", Riveriswild offers a beautifully executed collarless short-sleeve button up shirt with matching shorts. The garments feature a subtle yet distinct floral print that's ready for your late night bonfire on the beach, Saturdays in a hammock, and every scenario in between. Let the summer in.

I must warn you now that they sell out fast, both items will be available this Sunday, June 28th at 2PM EST on riveriswild.com. Their last capsule sold out in 24 hours!

#DCLovesDilla 2014 Changed My Life

DC Loves Dilla 2014, where to begin? Let's start with the fact that if you are a fan of the DC hip hop scene, then this is a must-attend event. If you are unaware, around mid-July every year, Dilla fans from all over converge in DC at the Howard Theatre for a tribute and benefit concert to the late Grammy award-winning producer/emcee who passed away from Lupus in 2006, that inspired millions with his music. His legacy can be felt all through the music world, as he has worked with artists such as Common, Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and many more.

In the 2014 edition of the show, headlining acts included Phife Dawg of Tribe Called Quest, N'dea Davenport, formerly of the UK band, Brand New Heavies, along with Bahamadia and Pharoahe Monch. Not only does the show include legends in the game but it also blends local acts on the rise in the music scene. This year's choices were Kokayi, RA the MC, Maimouna Youssef, Awthentik, Laelo, Kaimbr, Gods'illa Asheru and Hezekiah. My personal favorite element though, would have to be the live band, known as the Players and led by Jon Laine, they truly take the show to a new atmosphere and make it an unforgettable experience. By far one of the most memorable moments of the evening had to be the announcement that the National Museum of African American History and Culture will include pieces of Dilla's production equipment. A moment so powerful that it nearly brought tears to the eyes of the audience, it really sent the message of the influence of Dilla's legacy to be recognized in an institution such as the Smithsonian.

Karmalifee received the ultimate blessing of covering the show, so with that in mind, we took in the sights, networked and even crossed paths with some of the headliners. That is what makes this experience priceless, many of the favorite acts of our youth along with Dilla's mom, Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey were a part of the show as well. Since this show is homegrown, it makes it tangible in a sense of, if you work hard enough, you too can grace the stage or be a part of the mix. It was amazing to see the DMV's own run through some of our favorite Dilla classics. The performances gave you the clear indication that these songs will resonate in the ears of listeners for many years to come.

#StraightFromTheInbox: Commonwealth Slam Presents: Verses & Flow Vet & Touring Poet, Breeze

Breeze "ILIFETHIS" The Poet is a native of Richmond Virginia, and has been performing professionally for 5 years. He is known for his powerful, almost preacher like performance and his ability to be completely transparent. 

His accolades include:
-Lexus Verses and Flow season 4 featured poet
-3x King of the South Slam Champion
-Auditioned, accepted, and competed at the historic Showtime at the Apollo Theatre 
-Skinny Bully Grand Slam Champion (Charlotte)
-Writer's Den Grand Slam Champion (Richmond)
As well as many other slam wins and performances at notable venues across the country

How can you support the artist? Show up to the event, enjoy, purchase product. Please remember not all features can accept credit card, please try to bring cash.

Breeze's work can also be found and purchased here.

Join us for their quarterly usage of Headquarters Library's auditorium as we have a workshop led by our feature, a brief open mic, and a 30 minute performance by Breeze. The schedule, approximately, will be:

6:00 p.m. Writing Workshop
7:00 p.m. Open Mic
7:30 p.m. Breeze features!
8:00 p.m. Support the Artist!
9:00 p.m. Poetry and Pancakes at IHOP!


Everybody's favorite party is coming back to DC. A few weeks ago when I heard this event was in the works I nearly moved my whole schedule aside. If you are not familiar, you will be soon. A few years back, this unique arts party concept was the humble beginning of me networking in DC, where I met Alex Elle, Mila & Fire and the founder of Hedrush Music. All of those entities now are gems to our city, so they were definitely on to something. This relaunch of sorts reintroduces their version of a good time and is sure to whet your appetite for what they have to come.