DURKL Returns to District By Way of Maketto

A little over a month ago, DC's favorite streetwear brand, Durkl, returned to its roots with its new venture, Maketto. The brilliant merger of a cafe, restaurant and retail store all converge at their brand new location on H St in Northeast DC. Their two-floor, nearly 6000 square foot space houses the unique concept which is a collaboration between Toki Underground owner Erik Bruner-Yang and Durkl's Will Sharp. A flagship unlike any other with its ingenious blend of food and menswear, it is certainly an interesting experiment to say the least on what seems to be the District's new popular corridor. The carefully-curated mixture of local businesses is subtle in its execution with no signage dictating when you've gone from one section to the next. The restaurant which may be the part I'm personally most eager to try, is a "journey through Cambodian and Taiwanese cooking inspired by the people and the flavors of their cultures," as described on their website. The cafe, is yet another partnership of DC businesses with the workings of Chris Vigilante of Vigilante Coffee Company and Frenchie's Erika Skolnik. After hearing so many wonderful things about the space and seeing the amazing views, I definitely can't wait to visit Maketto on my next excursion into the city. 

You Better Get Familiar with Abir Haronni

DC’s Broccoli City Festival may be gone but it has not been forgotten on this writer. One act that really caught my ear was singer/songwriter Abir Haronni. If you've heard the name before you’re not alone, as she has been piling on the assists for the past few years with features on Audra the Rapper and along with fellow DMV artist Logic. However, her biggest break came when she was featured on “Young OG II” from Fabolous’ “The Young OG Project” album. Now that the world has gotten a taste of the Moroccan songstress, she plans on making the most of her spotlight, performing at the aforementioned Broccoli City Festival and dropping her first EP, White Walls, sometime later this year. If her performance and the connection she made with the crowd are any indication, she has a bright future ahead of her.

Take a listen to her latest outing from her Souncloud “Autumn” and become a fan.

Logic Marselis Delivers Nostalgic Sounds on MGNTK.2

There are times where you need to vibe out. You just need to retreat in yourself and just get lost. If you’re a hip-hop head, a good soundtrack for that trip would be VA Producer/Rapper, Logic Marselis’ latest effort, MGNTK2. I’m new to Logic Marselis but am fast becoming a fan of his producing style. From the opening track (supreme) you can catch the familiar “boom bap” sound that’s making a comeback on the underground scene. If I could place a finger on an influence it would be to Dilla himself—a lofty comparison that the young producer isn’t crushed by. As an added treat, he enlists local DMV rappers, UllNevaNoYung D' The PilotFase, and London Boy on tracks “Blk Business” and “Almighty Dollar” respectfully.

Check out the full release on Soundcloud after the jump.

Marlee in the Mixx Releases the Powerful Visual to Indigo

In the wake of their riveting Broccoli City Festival performance, Marlee in the Mixx released yet another gem in video form via Worldstar. This visual interpretation of "Indigo", the lead single off their recently-released project, The Mixxtape is a revolutionary's ballad. From the introduction, you are exposed to their unique sound and the messages they convey in their music. With peeks of Neo-psychedelia, funk and R&B the band takes you on a journey inspired by the concept of the Indigo Children, a 1970's concept that held the belief of children with special abilities that would change the world. These special abilities are displayed through children scattered throughout the video and voiced by the Band through the lyrics with the power of love emanating from them in what else? Indigo. 

#StraightFromTheInbox: Saaj - Slo-Down

Art by Saaj

Available via soundcloud.com/saajx/slo

Virginia native and emerging producer, Saaj, wants to give you a reason to relax. With recent collaborative releases with DrewsThatDude (Trey Songz - "Chill") & Fortune ("Know What's Up" (Ft. Tory Lanez)), Saaj's "Slo-Down" looks to invite you into his thoughts, and keep you there. 

"Slo-Down" is a bouncy remix of Travis Garland's "Motel Pool". I want listeners to connect. Not only because they're enjoying the music, but also connecting to how it makes them feel. 

LAST RELEASE: "Karma" - https://soundcloud.com/saajx/karma

Trey Songz - "Chill":


Fortune - "Know What's Up" w/ Saaj (Ft. Tory Lanez):




#StraightFromTheInbox: 2015 Richmond Mural Project

#StraightFromTheInbox: 2015 Richmond Mural Project

Art Whino returns to Richmond, VA for the Fourth installment of the Richmond Mural Project.  With over 60 murals since the inception of the project,  Art Whino will return bringing another 10 muralists for another round of murals. Entering the fourth year we have reached many milestones and the project has brought worldwide attention to Richmond, VA as a destination for mural lovers worldwide.

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#StraightFromTheInbox: Vital Narrative Press Essential Summer Reader Series

We just got word from our friends at Vital Narrative Press that the submission deadline for their annual summer reader has been extended! The Essential Summer Reader is their annual literary journal, that was created to offer new writers a chance to be published and have their work available to a worldwide audience. The theme for this year is "elements" because the goal for this year's reader is to show what we are made of, the interpretation of the theme is completely up to you. They are looking for short stories, plays, essays, poems, novel excerpts and creative non-fiction. Check out their website for more details on submission. Submit away people!

#StraightFromTheInbox: Cuba Skate


Group Art Exhibit Showcasing Skateboard Art to Benefit Cuba Skate

Art Whino teams up with Cuba Skate to raise awareness and funds for the nonprofit initiative based out of Washington, D.C.  Cuba Skate's mission is to deliver skateboarding materials to the Cuban youth, renovate local skateparks, and build diplomacy through skateboarding.  Using the skateboard as medium for the artwork, Art Whino will curate a large group show in which proceeds of the sales go to Cuba Skate and help this organization make a positive change in the lives of many.  Along with the art show there will be musical performances as well as open skate throughout the evening.

Saturday, May 9th, from 2pm - Midnight

700 Delaware Ave, SW Washington, DC 20024

OPEN SKATE in our shiny new half round ramp
Open to the public! 

8pm Reception Begins

About Cuba Skate

Cuba Skate started in 2010, with the aim to support and grow the Cuban skateboarding community by providing access to skateboarding equipment that is otherwise unavailable on the island. In doing so, Cuba Skate hopes to foster a constructive environment for Cuban youth that will have a positive impact on the greater community. Cuba Skate expands the future for these skaters by creating a chance to continue skateboarding, and developing, year round.

Participating Artists in the Skateboard Group Art Show

Aaron Kraten | Adrian Viajero Roman | Alex Yanes | Andrew John KatzBaghead |
Brendan Tierney | Bridge Stehli | Bryan Collins | Chris Bishop | ChrisRWK | Christopher Canary | Czr Prz | Damon Lucas | Dave Chung | Dave Lowell | Downer | Dubelyoo | Dulk | El Estabo | Emmalee | Eric Broers | Goo For Brothers | Grafix chick | Graham Franoise | Hydro74 | in.fa.mousIKB Imani | Jah | James Bullough | James Walker | John Deardourff | John Wentz | Josie Morway | Juan Muniz | KaNo | Kat Gun | Katun | Ken Flewellyn | Kevin "Double Down" Bednarz | Keyhan | Lightup | Luke Chueh | Mas Paz | Matt Corrado | Mc Baldassari | Melanie Pruitt | Michael Waraksa | NAM | Nightmare Mikey | Nils Westergard | Patrick Haemmerlein | Paulo Arraiano ( YUP ) | Peter Van Flores | Philip Bosmans 'AMATIC' | Pon ShopRei21 | Rich Pellegrino | Richard Salcido | Rosina Teri Memolo | Ryan Mcgennisken | Santos Shelton | Scotch! | So Youn Lee | Sofia Maldonado | Star 27 | Stclair Castro-WrightSteven Posner | Superwax | Terry Plater Jr | 
Thom Glick | Timothy Johnston | Ultra | Walt Hall | zidekahedron

Sketch Lounge 12 Video Recap

A few weeks ago, I had the wonderful privilege of attending the 12th edition of the Sketch Lounge at Hierarchy, an art gallery and event space located on Columbia Road in Northwest DC. This event has to be one of my personal favorites because of it's unique ability to engage artists and art enthusiasts alike. It's not very often you get to witness a masterpiece being made before your eyes and then get to buy it on the spot. The concept is ingenious! Anyways, check out this lovely video recap done by Kayode of Ken-K Media. Our good friend Will Porter has one of his quick sketches of Grace Jones appear at 0:48. Stay tuned for details on the next edition of this quarterly event in the coming weeks. 

It's a Shame You Had to Miss the Muffin Meet...

It's a Shame You Had to Miss the Muffin Meet...

Last Friday, The Muffin Club took over The Bump N Grind Cafe to host the Muffin Meet. The purpose of the Muffin Meet was to create a stimulating environment for creatives to network with brands, companies and organizations while enjoying a muffin.

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