The Artists of the 2015 Richmond Mural Project

A few weeks ago, we previewed the opening of the 2015 Richmond Mural Project by Art Whino and our correspondent Tyrel attended and witnessed the unveiling of Moya's work at the ND&P Building on East Cary Street. Well, this weekend is the second half of their kickoff reception at the Sabia Restaurant located at 2727 West Broad Street from 4-8pm. You can RSVP here, and below is a bit of information about this year's artists.

Caratoes (Honk Kong)

Cara To AKA "Caratoes" is an illustrator and street artist based in Hong Kong. Her artwork combines mind-blowing neons with swirling, sensitive linework that have a mesmerizing gestural quality. Cara has worked in many different areas, including animation and game design, and her artwork spans many mediums and genres while retaining a strong recognizable character. Some of her recent projects include hand-made 3D hologram illustrations, paintings that are accented with geometric string-work and GIFs that are nothing if not visual candy. [Source: Juxtapoz]

Clog two (Singapore)

Eman Jeman aka Clogtwo is a Singapore-based visual anarchist whose disciplines include being an accomplished graffiti artist and fine arts practitioner. Influenced by his parents, he explored his artistic abilities from an early age. With a multi-disciplinary approach, he creates works of art on various mediums from walls, canvases to customised vinyl toys with his unique vision. Inspired by his daily observations of society, the narratives in his work explores the elements of dark humour and social behaviour. Currently, he has set up his own studio together with partner in crime Ink where he is constantly creating new works to showcase around the world.

D*Face (London)

D*Face a.k.a Dean Stockton has been a leading figure in Urban Contemporary Art, inaugurating his career on the streets over 15 years ago by hand-drawing stickers and posters and adhering them for the unsuspecting public to discover in the streets of London and beyond, he is one of the best known figures to rise from the British scene having had a constant leading presence throughout it’s meteoric rise into popular culture. With his particular fusion of pop culture and graffiti meshed with a rebellious streak and an ingenious imagination, London artist D*Face has become notorious for his witty, glossy veneered cultural critiques that conceal more malicious undertones. Using the term - aPOPcalyptic - to define his work, a blend of ‘pop art’ spliced with fragility of life, Stockton’s work reflects popular culture, centering around the ideals of the American dream and notion of ‘good’ triumphing over ‘evil’. He aims to encourage the public not just to ‘see’, but to look at what surrounds them and their lives and our increasingly bizarre fascination with celebrity, fame and consumerism. In his re-thinking and subverting of popular imagery; iconic motifs, cultural figures all are reworked and crafted, Queen Elizabeth with a nose ring, skeletal Marilyn Monroe busts, and Jean-Michel Basquiat blowing raspberries, delivering the viewer a moral dilemma; embrace or reject, laugh or deny. Incorporating a broad range of street influence throughout his fine art gallery work, drawing both our eyes and minds into his vision using his graphic black and white winged character the ‘D*Dog’ - the linking element between his work in the street and gallery. This character satirises all that falls into it’s grasp – a welcome jolt of subversion in today’s media-saturated environment.

Evoca1 (Florida)

Evoca1 is a Dominican-born figurative painter, muralist and designer based out of Miami, Florida. Born in the Dominican Republic in 1984, it is where he spent most of his childhood drawing on walls and playing baseball, until eventually moving to Hollywood, Florida at age 11. He has been making art his whole life without any formal art school training, teaching himself how to paint with oil, acrylic, latex and spray paint. He is currently living and working out of Miami, Florida, where he continues to develop his craft.

Inkten (Singapore)

INKTEN is a visual artist whose disciplines include being a graffiti practitioner and graphic designer. She creates works of art on various mediums such as digital, concrete and canvases. Currently, she has set up her own studio with her partner Clogtwo where she creates new works to showcase around the world.

James Bullough (Berlin)

As a child growing up in the suburbs of Washington DC, James was enamored with the edgy, “in your face” graffiti art that he saw through the windows of the DC subway.  As he began feeling the need to make art of his own, it was no surprise that this was the type of imagery that came naturally to him.  His obsessive graffiti sketches and graphic paintings eventually gave way to a new interest in realism and oil painting.  He began studying the techniques of the Dutch Masters and painting highly rendered oil paintings of contemporary imagery.  Since moving from the US in 2010 to Berlin Germany, Bullough finds himself reaching more and more for the spray can rather than the paintbrush.  His seamless transition from photorealistic oil paintings to photorealistic spray-paint murals has gained a lot of attention.  From 2011-2013 he worked under the name of JBAK with fellow American born/Berlin based artists Addison Karl.  Together the duo gained a lot of attention for their various projects and large-scale murals throughout Germany and America. [website]

Jason Woodside (New York)

Jason Woodside is an artist living and working in New York City.  Recent commissions and collaborations include Colette, Adidas, Saatchi and Saatchi, Faberge, We Work and Jeffery Deithch.  Woodside's large scale exterior works grace wall in major cities including Paris, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Sydney and New York City.

Jerkface (New York)

New York Native. Clean on canvas. Clean on walls. Definitely a Jerk.  When using iconic characters, he minimizes facial expressions so that the more obvious mood generated from the face does not override the composition and the subtle mood created by the color play. [website]

Moya (Japan)

Born in 1982, from Okayama prefecture, Japan. While in Art College he discovered live drawing where an artist was solely using black ink on an enormous white wall. This prompted him to pick up a black ballpoint pen and begin developing his own style, akin to calligraphy brush painting.  MOYA’s largest influence is traditional Japanese paintings and India-ink paintings. One of his biggest influences is Jakuchu Ito, a painter from the Edo period who is known for his dynamic brush painting style of wildlife.  MOYA describes his own style as a fusion of traditional Japanese style and street art. Now living in Kyoto, he paints and collaborates on commissioned murals, does design work, and regularly participates in exhibitions across Japan.

Nils Westergard (Richmond)

Nils took up stenciling at 13 after being introduced to the world of street art by a friend and has been cutting since then. His intricate stencils evolve with every new piece, and are cut with infinite patience. Growing up around DC, and interacting with the law himself, Nils’ work gradually started to focus on the nature of authority, rebellion, and the figures that represent it. But he also has an affinity for graffiti, and through his work shows the contrasts between the image of vandalism and the beauty of the art form. His influences range from a large collection of interests, from history to hiphop. Nils currently attends VCUarts, majoring in the Film program.

Onur (Switzerland)

Onur Dinc was born in Solothurn, Switzerland on the 11th of September 1979 and grew up in Zuchwil. After leaving school, he served an apprenticeship as a painter followed by an apprenticeship as a set painter at the city theatre in Solothurn. After a period of training as a graphic designer in a graphic agency in Basel, he worked for a year in Berne as a graphic designer. Onur returned to the theatre in 2007, this time in Lucerne. He turned freelance at the end of 2008, and has since worked for a number of different exhibitions and customers. Onur’s artistic tool of choice is the paint roller. Using it, he is creating photo-realistic imagery. His former profession as a scenery painter displays itself in preference for large-scale works. Many of his creations capture moments of every day life, freezing the instant in time. People and Animals seem detached from their surroundings in the situations captured and display the most fundamental feelings of human existence. Bigger projects of Onur have been recognized internationally in collaboration with Wes21.

Taylor White (North Carolina)

Taylor White is an internationally acclaimed producer of fine pictorial convention. Since earning her BFA in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007, her active mark-making pursuit has taken her from Norway to Australia, Europe and beyond. Taylor is recognized across the continents for her unique, expressive fluidity and bold, delicate rendering, creating kinetic expressions across static surfaces. Exploring the mysteries of human nature, the movement of energies and the alchemy of emotion, White’s work is an unending pursuit of the delicate harmony that exists in that sweet spot between order and chaos. Currently based in her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, White continues to travel and pursue solo and collaborative efforts to explore, grow and communicate her art.