Nubian Hueman Anniversary Recap

A little over a week ago, I had the blessing of covering the Nubian Hueman Anniversary Celebration at the Anacostia Arts Center with my good friend, Timothy Jackson. The Anacostia Arts Center, if you are not familiar, is a community center for the arts nestled off Good Hope Road in Southeast DC. Since its inception in June of 2013, it houses five galleries; a great backdrop for a space such as Nubian Hueman. The center has been a hub for things creative and  dedicated to their mission of creating a home for small businesses, the arts and other cultural organizations. The community landmark so accurately "fulfills their commitment to the revitalization and sustainable economic development of Historic Anacostia" as stated on their website.

As we arrived to the sound of music, things were just getting under way. Owner Anika Hobbs and her crew had a wonderful evening full of activities planned for her loyal patrons and dedicated supporters. It came complete with an irresistible dessert bar, champagne and the delightful sounds by Underdog The DJ. With a handpicked soundtrack for the evening, he guided his audience through classic tunes that even an African would find familiar. One of the key aspects of this event was their efficient use of the space in its entirety. The boutique itself served as a meet and greet space for Chen Burkett, the New York designer whose pieces are a direct reflection of her West African heritage with a contemporary twist. They utilized the center's long hallway as a makeshift runway, the models showcased upcoming collections and some of Nubian Hueman's best selling pieces. One of the remaining galleries doubled as a guest lounge curated by French interior designer MyriaMMaxo.