The Re-Emergence of "The Forgotten Space Below the Dupont Circle"

This new development in the DC area has piqued my curiosity and has me eagerly awaiting the outcome. It's gaining features and write-ups all over but the crazy thing is still nobody knows. I really hope this works out, it would be amazing for the District of Columbia to take this forgotten corridor and turn it into something beautiful. Credit goes to the Washington City Paper for sending this gem via the District Line Daily, a daily newsletter about the happenings in DC, about three weeks ago. I think the folks at A Daily Dose of Architecture described it perfectly: 

"It seems appropriate that the drive to transform a unused underground trolley station into a venue 'for presenting, producing, and promoting cutting-edge arts, architecture, design, and creative endeavors' should take place in Washington, DC. The city, after all, is home to Harry Weese's beloved METRO stations, which won last year's 25-Year Award from the AIA. And let's not forget that DC was home to one of the most important underground music scenes of the late 1970s and early 1980s, with bands like Bad Brains and Minor Threat and a DIY attitude that extended to the latter's Ian MacKaye's Dischord label. Dupont Underground, inadvertently perhaps, respectively embodies the desire to have something beautiful under the street level and a bottom-up means of accomplishing it." [A Daily Dose of Architecture]

Below is the website for the organization, Dupont Underground, and a few more informative articles expounding on the subject.

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