Day 3: Capturing CAPSULE

On our third and final day in New York, it was off to Pier 36 for Capsule. Normally known as Basketball City, this state-of-the-art sports complex transformed into 40,000 sq. ft of fashion mayhem. In this year's edition, we found old friends like Richer Poorer and Tasha Bleu, current and timeless classics like Fred PerryStance and Eastland, along with impressive newcomers like self-care brand Empire Apothecary. Capsule, much like PROJECT does not limit itself to clothing alone so you can find anything from eyewear, headwear and facial care to footwear and suiting. Our annual attendance at Capsule is definitely the highlight of our year. It has become an "Old Faithful" of sorts as we have been attending and covering it for a few years now. To us, Capsule represents something we aspire to, hope to continue covering for years to come, eventually would like to exhibit in, and one day collaborate with. This year's acceptance at Liberty Fairs and PROJECT this time around were an added bonus but definitely indicative of our bright future. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend Liberty Fairs due to time constraints and previously-arranged accommodations but we will definitely keep our eyes for what Las Vegas brings and work on attending the Summer Edition. Stay tuned for more coverage of the brands we met at Capsule & PROJECT along with upcoming editorials on future and current collections.