Day 1: Exploring Soho

Once we touched down in NY, our first objective was to check-in and get some food. The torrential downpour proved no match for our determination, as we grabbed a bite to eat and set out on our journey. In the fashion world, Soho deserves its own respect. The concentration of streetwear culture and fashion in one area is unmatched. Evolving from being "sneakerheads" to comfortably honing our personal styles, our trek through Soho reflected that. Our first stop was 21 Mercer Street, better known as the NikeLab. After that we made our way to DQM for Vans, Hundreds, Alexander Wang, Mason Margiela, Premium Laces, Stussy, and Supreme, stopping by the Saint Laurent Paris and Bathing Ape stores to chat with employees. We figured if we came to New York to cover fashion, we needed to take these sights in along with our initial mission. Being that we arrived on a Sunday, the stores closed early and by the time it was 6 o'clock, we had to make our way back uptown for dinner and to catch up with old friends.