DOPE Sessions-Brain Rapp & Nature Boi

I can appreciate the dialogue between friends that took place on a recent episode of the DOPE SESSIONS. If you are not familiar, DOPE SESSIONS is a podcast that is the brainchild of DMV artist and fellow creative, STEFISDOPE, and honestly speaking, it's really nothing more than an online conversation. What makes this conversation special though, is its depth. This isn't just some guy who's trying to break into the music scene and just wants you to listen to his music. He thinks about and speaks to the current issues, whether they be political or social, positive or negative he touches them all. With that being said, this edition of the show took it to another level. I'm not sure I've heard DMV artists like Brain Rapp and Nature Boi be this raw and honest in a public forum. It's definitely a refreshing perspective on DC scene. Take a listen and decide for yourself.