TomTom's Favorite Podcasts: We Are The Linkup

Good afternoon Karmalifee family, if you've been paying attention to our social media recently, you can tell we've been super busy but I wanted to take some time out of my day to shoutout our good friends at The Link Up. This trio of beautiful, intelligent black women give you this raw, unfiltered and extremely honest point-of-view on the issues that matter most to us millennials. One of their recent episodes highlighted on #BlackBusinesses and what we do and don't do well in our ventures. After taking the time to listen to it, I knew had to share it. Over the course of the show, they went through their dining experiences, work incidents, consumer issues, and even personal interactions that rubbed them the wrong way. The feedback though, was not all negative, they made sure to highlight on the pleasant instances and mention some businesses that have consistently impressed them over the years like GLOSSRAGS, #BLKCREATIVES, Blavity, The Root, Field Mobb and of course BCFest. I sincerely appreciate them for this episode because it sends home the point that it's absolutely necessary to hold yourself and your business to a higher standard but at the same time allow room to grow into your dreams. If you haven't checked out their podcast yet, this one would DEFINITELY be a good place to start.