Revisit 1997 with FF7 Again.

They're baaaaaack....

Remember 1997? Jordan and the Bulls were reigning terror over the NBA. Tamagotchi first surfaced beginning the virtual pets craze. Men in Black and Face/Off just came out. RealPlayer was bumping the late Biggie from your computer speakers—Rest in Power King of New York. And for many of us, hours were wasted hunting down Sephiroth for killing Aerith and making us cry… Wait… So that was only me? Whatever, shit was sad bruh.

Anyway, it is time to relive some childhood memories; Square Enix announced during Sony’s E3 press conference that a remake of Final Fantasy VII would be coming sooner rather than later. That’s right, Cloud Strife and his crew are back and ready to Omnislash their way back to your hearts (read: pockets) and man does it look fucking amazing! Taking a cue from Square Enix’s other cash cow, Kingdom Hearts; it will be an open world action RPG (Role Playing Game for the non-nerds) with the same system that most fans already know and sort of love.

Get an eyeful of this High Def candy and stay nerdy my friends.

No release date has been announced at this time.