Allan Kingdom Unleashes 'Northern Lights'

Allan Kingdom is many things. Above all, I believe he is a visionary for the youth art movement of the world's '90s-raised, millennium-grown children. Kids raised on Kanye & Cudi, not Biggie & Pac. Kids who see the multi-platform value in art; an idea that can paint one a picture, as well as whisper it in their ear (or perhaps scream at you depending on the tone of the work). They understand these values through feeling; whether that be feeling a Wes Anderson film, or feeling the need to stunt, so you buy gold fronts. 

'The Ride' preludes the project, heeding warning to "stay you, but change, too", in reference to his own evolution on the path to success. An eerie intro appropriately named 'The Forest' follows; seemingly an ode to his alias 'The Northern Gentleman'.

Messages throughout the project are familiar ones in hip-hop. 

'Fables' stems from a topic of much debate in rap music: the concept of "fake it, 'til you make it." Kingdom seems to be calling out that particular way, juxtaposing the controversy to his own personal convictions.

'Monkey Sees' is another record addressing a popular topic. Allan relates his distaste for "Hypebeasts" and anyone else who rides the waves of others, especially when attempting to reach a status level similar to the person from whom swagger has been jacked".

'Renovate' features assistance from VA's own, D.R.A.M, who has been busy lately, and blesses a verse that only he can deliver, finessing his voice over Kingdom & Plain Pat's production and fitting beautifully in the middle of Allan's train of thought.

The soundscape of "I Feel Ya' flows from Radiohead-style reverb to a Stanley Kubrick film score, all in the confines of a 3:37 rap song. 

Allan Kingdom is not for the listener with a basic ear. And I know that music is all subjective to the listener and it's all about what the person gets from it or relates to it, but I believe basic people listen to basic music and have a basic ear as the result.

The Peanut Butter Prince aka King Kyariga aka Allan Kingdom has some of the craziest shit I have ever heard: the craziest melodies, cadences and switch-ups I've ever heard from anyone. He really does have the full range of weapons for a future star. I still remember watching the video for a song he dropped, accompanied with visuals, in 2012 called 'Uvaje'd'. It was so weird and visually stunning and unique that I was instantly sold on his inevitable stardom. I mean the kid used to hem his own clothes to make them fit how he wanted. All he's familiar with is the DIY path, and he is excelling to the highest level it will take him.