Gravez, Drew & Scolla Form Like Voltron over Goldlink's Ay Ay Ay

By the time you read this piece, this song should have made it through your speakers if it hasn't already. Over the holidays, producers Gravez and DrewsThatDude released their collaborative effort in which they teamed up with Scolla over the Goldlink track "Ay Ay Ay" from his debut project The God Complex. If you are not already familiar, Gravez is an Atlanta-based producer who has already made a name for himself creating amazing remixes to popular songs is catching the attention of many folks in the music industry. DrewsThatDude is a name to make note of, due to his growing resume of top-tier production credits and incredible collection of instrumentals, remixes and songs that have even earned him a Grammy nomination. Scolla, not to be outdone, is also a musician with a mindblowingly soulful singing voice, a knack for witty lyricism and an impressive résumé that garners write-ups galore everytime he releases a song. These three gentlemen bring the noise in an inventive way that pleases the ears within the first 5 seconds. Just go ahead and press play, you'll thank me later.