#StraightFromTheInbox: New Video-I Ain't Playin' featuring Scoopay of M1 Platoon, shot by BDOTMCGHEE

Brian McGhee better known as BDOTMCGHEE, has been putting in a lot of hard work this summer. Of all the people I have met doing business for Karmalifee, the emergence of this young man along with his consistency and determination is one of the things that make me the proudest. He used to be just another young dude who wanted to be associated with Karmalifee but now he has grown into a young man I respect and can be proud of due to his work ethic. We asked him one day what he wanted to do one day and he said he wanted to do photography, Reef let him buy his camera off of him and the rest is history. He takes whatever advice, and pointers you give and works on them diligently until he masters them. In his few short months behind the lens, his journey has taken him to the White House, New York a few times, backstage at some concerts and even traveling around to a few different music festivals. Anyways, all sentiments aside, this right here is one of his recent projects that he did with one of the members of one of my favorite rap groups from DC, M1 Platoon. Scoopay, the artist behind this track, actually just invited Brian out to just do some film work, capture some "day in the life" type movements and then it developed into making a video for this song. Coupled with B DOT's eye, Scoopay gives this almost nostalgic 90's feel rapping over this classic EPMD beat. Check it out and tell us what you think.