Music Mondays: Rocstagis-Foxy

Daaaaaaamn Ty, back at it again with the Richmond Hip-Hop! Well, yeah, I am, because Richmond is one of the 10 cities blowing up with the next wave of artists. Just mark my words, you will see names like Peter $un, Joey Gallo, Nsay Mada, Radio B and Rocstagis sooner rather than later. And if you're reading this then you're about to hear the latter. Rocstagis, is what Swizz Beatz would be if he had bars. A writer/producer/emcee Renaissance man, this drop of his, entitled "Foxy" is one, of course, for the ladies that the fellas should take note of too on how to treat a queen. So check out Rocstagis and leave a comment on what you think of Richmond's very own Swiss Army knife.