Drift Section 9 and the Creatives Dark Vision

At some point in life everybody has those days where it seems like it's just not going to get any better. A close friend of mine, Dukes Artisté (@_Dukes_Artiste_along with his group Section 9, dropped their first music video and it depicts the darker side of life in relation to depression and drug use. In scenes of the video, imagery of looking at your self from the outside, in a downward spiral and not being able to do much about it, drug use as a coping mechanism and finally thoughts of suicide resonate with the struggles of depression, and this group has shed some light on the subject in the way they know best. So check out the video below  Drift by Section 9. 

Also, we have a quick video interview with the artist himself just to get some of his insight and learn a bit more about Section 9

For more work from Section 9 and Dukes Artisté check out the links below: