#StraightFromTheInbox: Single Awareness Day Edition Seven

The inaugural Single's Awareness Day (S.A.D) Compilation released in 2008 as a concept from DCtoBC co-founder Modi. S.A.D. catered to those spending Valentine's Day without a special someone to share it with. The compilation celebrated an alternate experience of individual reflection instead of subscribing to an overhyped consumer holiday.

Initially released through the DCtoBC blog and social media, the compilation became a cult classic with listeners applauding the concept. Anticipation started to build around each annual installment. Inspired by the strong response to S.A.D., Modi collaborated with a lifelong friend and fellow DCtoBC co-founder, Quinn (DJ Spicoli), to convert the single-tracked compilation into a smooth, flowing, long form mix featured on Soundcloud. Over time, the DCtoBC team's passion for music would eventually lead to the creation of the Trillectro Music Festival.

To highlight the seventh installment of S.A.D., the creators of Trillectro will bring the mix to life through two live shows taking place in LA and DC. SAD LA and SAD DC will feature an incredible collection of talent performing in the most exciting venues each coast has to offer.

"For the 7th installment of Single's Awareness Day, I have put together a collection of over 40 tracks to create a sort of conversation between two voices: One voice speaking to the desire and the need for real love, and the other speaking to the disregard and manipulation of those feelings. In today's youth culture, the messaging around love is confusing. We are fed messages of misogyny, promiscuity and materialism over the ideals of compromise, understanding and commitment. The goal for this project is to juxtapose those two messages against one another to create a musical discussion on the issues that are emotionally terrorizing young people everywhere."-DJ Spicoli

Listen, download and enjoy.