#WeekOfTheBlitz: The Climb Made Me A Fan

A little over a year ago, when I first wanted to write about RadioBlitz, he was a hologram, somebody I knew of, heard good things about but hadn't met yet. At the time, he was in the midst of putting together the first Flag on the Moon and a good friend put me in contact with him. The conversation began rather slowly, as we were both trying to figure what the other's intentions were. After a while though, it became apparent our goals were close to the same. Make a name for ourselves and uplift the community simultaneously. You just root for genuine people like that. I already grew to like his crew, Association of Great Minds, and it just so happens that he was the mastermind that linked it all together in the first place. I had always enjoyed Nickelus F's body of work from previous years, Michael Million's "Ghost of $20 Dollar Bills" project was the main album getting spins in my iPod, and Mike's brother, Namebrand's production was so soulful I liked songs I didn't even know he produced. After our conversation, I finally listened to his Whole Foods LP, but "The Climb" is what really made a fan. The combination of Chiveer's gritty nostalgic beats paired with Radio's hunger to be the best sold me completely. His lyrics were the mark of a man who's done well for himself but was not satisfied just being well-known and his actions spoke to that. I don't think I've met a Radio track I didn't like from Winnie Harlow, to the entire "Never Fall Off" LP, the versatility in his catalog is beyond impressive. That's why it's only right when somebody like Oddisee comes to town that Radio opens up. It's like a silent cosign that Richmond appreciates your music and it only helps that Cheats gave it the seal of approval. Thus, the reason for our #WeekOfTheBlitz.