What Does Your Soul See?

Every connection in life is based off energy and vibrations. It is exactly these things that connect you to music unconsciously. Depending on what's in your headphones, it can either get you hype or mellow you out. As you listen to a song, it might take you to a place remiscent of past love or remind you of a better time. Detroit-Producer, Soundboy, embodies that concept and leaves it all out the floor with the new single "What My Soul Sees" off his upcoming EP "Vibrations". The EP will be released in the form of a weekly series presented by VibeHaus every Wednesday. This week's release features an amazing vocalist by the name of Claire ReneΓ© and surprisingly, a verse from Soundboy himself. Not often known for rhyming abilities, he glides over the instrumental with ease. Take a listen and tell us what you think.