Where There's Smoke There's Fire

There’s smoke coming from the VibeHaus… but don’t call the fire marshal, call up Kuzzo's instead and order a few Westsiders for Willy J Peso and the crew because after bumping the Sativa EP for a few hours, the munchies will be felt soon. Those who are familiar with Peso’s work know that high feeling you get from his energetic flows and 4/20 friendly lyrics. This time around however, the sound has evolved, taking the VibeHaus’ resident Turn-Up King to a new level. From R&B producer Nash B to twitter master and multi-platinum producer DrewsThatDude, Peso packs the bowl tight to get that musical buzz going with high energy and entertaining lyrics. Although, if that’s not enough to get lifted—oh I got a lot of weed puns—then maybe an appearance from Detroit kingpin Scolla will sweeten the pot with a show stealing verse on “One Day” owning the sole feature.

From front to back, the six song EP will have you up in Mars where you belong. Roll it up and play it back on iTunes or listen to it here on Karmalifee, whichever you do, get your own supply and purchase a copy of Willy J Peso’s Sativa EP.